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Zebra RFID Card Printer / Encoder For Vail Ski Resort

Protex Smart Technologies Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 30, 2016

Zebra, the leading provider of automatic identification, today announced that the Vail Ski Resort in the United States has launched a new "easy scan" system that uses Zebra's P330i UHF RFID card printer / encoder to print RFID tickets , Designed to provide immediate verification services to bearers.

"We've been looking for new ways to enhance our customer service experience," says Robert Urwiler, chief information officer at Vail Ski Resort. "The Easy Scanning system just happens to do that, and we've worked with Zebra before, and the new P330i UHF RFID card printers / encoders provide us with the performance we need to achieve our goals. "

Vail ski resort can use hand-held RF scanner to detect tickets through the coat, which can provide a more relaxed and more convenient experience, without the need to swipe or scan the bar code to get after the passage. The new RFID system includes Zebra Gen 2 RFID cards and Zebra P330i passive UHF RFID card printers.

This RFID card system is planned for full deployment in 2008-2009 implementation.

"The P330i passive UHF RFID card printer / encoders and company-designed UHF Gen2 RFID cards are ideal for automated identification applications at the hoistway," said Steve Park, vice president and general manager of RFID at Zebra. The system provides longer read ranges and unique identification capabilities to ensure a higher level of security and authentication, and the Zebra program will help Vail Ski Resort deliver on its commitment to a user-specific experience.

Zebra P330i passive UHF RFID card printer / encoder with 4MB image memory and a 16 character LCD screen. This printer / encoder is specifically designed for zebra cards, and is compatible with other manufacturers to provide tickets, print out the image clear, vivid, print resolution of 300 dpi.

The EPC Gen 2 card used by Vail ski resorts includes chips with high sensitivity and unique ID codes that can be used to secure tickets. The card's inlay antenna, designed by the zebra, provides maximum performance and read distance.