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Paper Label The Easiest Way

Protex Smart Technologies Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 26, 2017

Thermal paper is also known as thermal fax paper, Paper Label thermal recording paper, thermal copy paper, in Taiwan is called thermal copy paper. Is a highly heat sensitive coating of the paper, high sensitivity of the surface material can be applied to low voltage print head, Paper Label so the print head wear is minimal. Paper Label Thermal paper is specifically used for electronic said, a cash machine within the cash machine, Paper Label the most simple way to test thermal paper: with nails on the paper across, will leave a black scratches.

Thermal paper is specially used for thermal printers and thermal fax machine printing paper, its quality directly affects the print quality and save time, and even affect the printer and fax machine life.

How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of thermal paper? Thermal printing paper is generally divided into three layers, the bottom of the paper base, the second layer for the thermal coating, Paper Label the third layer for the protective layer, the main impact of its quality for the thermal coating or protective layer. If the paper is white, indicating that the protective coating of paper and heat-sensitive coating is unreasonable, adding too much phosphor, the better paper should be slightly green. Paper finish is not high or seem uneven, Paper Label indicating that the paper coating is not uniform, if the paper looks very strong reflection, but also add too much phosphor, the quality is not very good.

Material characteristics: no water, no oil, can be torn, Paper Label can be written, not long-term preservation

Scope: more for supermarket electronic scale labels, cash register paper, Paper Label chemical laboratory, hospital test drug labels, lottery industry, etc.

Applicable ribbon: can not be equipped with ribbon

Optional materials: imported thermal paper, domestic thermal paper, Paper Label in fact, many manufacturers in the domestic production of thermal paper effect is also very good.

The use of self-adhesive labels, mainly in two aspects, one is functional, Paper Label such as the rational choice of surface material, glue with the right; the second is decorative, Paper Label such as printing patterns of fine or special printing effects and so on.

In the film material, PE is not transparent PP is good, Paper Label often for high transparency requirements of the product, will be preferred PP label material.

The label generally corresponds to three different glue coating methods, Paper Label one is water glue (or latex), for the most popular; the second is hot melt adhesive, suitable for rough surface or low temperature use; Third, solvent glue, suitable for all kinds of special purposes Of the environment (such as environmental changes, Paper Label labeling environment harsh, etc.).

At the time of labeling, there are several different concepts for tackiness: initial tackiness and final stickiness. The initial viscosity is at the beginning of the sticky performance of the label, Paper Label and the final viscosity is in the labeling and to achieve a stable state, Paper Label the performance of sticky. Not all of the labels are getting stronger and stronger over time, some are strong in the initial stickiness, but are sometimes weakly tacky, with some initial weakness (weaker than conventional), Paper Label but ultimately sticky, and eventually sticky Gradually enhance the best in its range!