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Paper Label The Contrast

Protex Smart Technologies Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 24, 2017

Comparison of non-paper labels and plain labels

1, the ordinary label uses the glassine paper as the bottom paper, and cannot recycle, the bottomless paper label does not use any bottom paper, Paper Label does not pollute the environment.

2, the ordinary label because of the need for clearance, production process is unavoidable to produce surface paper loss; The bottomless paper label uses the Black label as the separator, so there is no loss.

3, the ordinary label because of the bottom paper, a volume of about 600-800; non-paper label a volume can do 1200-1600, reduce the replacement of the paper roll time and transport storage costs.

4, the ordinary label easy to damp, get dirty; the bottomless paper label because of silicone oil coating, make the label waterproof, Paper Label stain, while reducing the print head wear.

In a word: Cancel the gap and the paper can save a lot of material costs, save transportation and warehousing costs, reduce the bar code scale print head loss, Paper Label prolong the service life of the printhead.

The bottomless label technology was launched as early as ten years ago. "The driving force stems from the growing environmental pressure of end users," Paper Label explains Dr Stadtmueller. This has prompted processors to use increasingly thin label paper, or thinner or even bottomless paper labels, to reduce unnecessary waste of production through ' greener ' production. ”

The bottomless paper label, as its name implies, is a self-adhesive label without backing paper. Because it eliminates the type of substrate, the same volume of material, the paper label coil can produce more labels per volume, in the printing and labeling phase is more efficient. At the same time, it can reduce transportation, storage and other costs, the environment is also more friendly, so it has been Paper Label favored by processors. "Now we can see that the market's demand for bottomless paper labels is growing. Dr Stadtmueller said.

Non-paper label technology embodies the characteristics of sustainable development in many aspects. "In traditional self-adhesive labels, the Stadtmueller will account for 40% of the cost of the entire label material," added Dr. And once the labeling is complete, there is no value to the base material, this is not only a waste of resources, but also cause environmental pollution. In Europe, Paper Label the annual sticker waste is more than 400,000 tons. ”

"In addition, the production of paper labels has changed the industry chain of self-adhesive labels." In short, label processors can buy paper, glue and silicone oil directly from the raw material suppliers, or even production equipment, to process the paper label materials and make the industry chain shorter. ”