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Paper Label Print Performance

Protex Smart Technologies Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 07, 2017

Paper Label Do you use different sizes of labels in each department? Our Bottomless paper solution allows you to print a variety of layout and size labels so that you can unify one type of label volume across all departments. This will also make inventory Control/management more convenient, Paper Label reduce logistics costs. We assure you that the Digi Authentic Bottomless paper label will bring you the best print performance.

Barcode label paper, also known as bar code paper, label paper, is ubiquitous in daily life of paper products, widely used in product labels and other fields, Paper Label then the classification of bar code paper what is it? Xiao Bian today to collate the type of bar code paper to share to everyone.

Barcode paper is the most common is self-adhesive label paper, and self-adhesive label paper is also divided into many types, mainly the following:

A, coated paper stickers label multi-color product label of the general label, applicable to drugs, food, edible oil, wine, beverages, electrical appliances, cultural supplies information label.

Second, aluminum foil stickers self-adhesive Label color product labels of the general label paper, applicable to drugs, food, cultural supplies, Paper Label high-grade information labels.

Third, mirror coated paper stickers label advanced color products labels with high gloss labels, applicable to drugs, edible oil, food, beverages, wine, stationery, electrical information labels. Four, removable adhesive label surface materials have coated paper, mirror, PE (polyethylene), Paper Label pp (polypropylene), PET (polypropylene) and other materials in China barcode trade network is particularly suitable for tableware supplies, household appliances, fruit and other information labels. Peel off self-adhesive label products without leaving traces.

Five, laser film adhesive label color products label The general label paper, applicable to cultural supplies, decorations, high-grade information labels.

Six, heat transfer paper self-adhesive label applicable to microwave ovens, scales machine, computer printer printed labels

Heat-sensitive paper stickers apply to price tags and other information labels, such as retail use

Eight, fragile paper stickers used in electrical appliances, mobile phones, pharmaceuticals, food and other anti-counterfeiting seal, peeling stickers after the label paper immediately broken can not be used.

Nine, washable adhesive label surface material has PE (polyethylene), pp (polypropylene), PET (polypropylene), coated paper, mirror coated paper and other materials especially suitable for beer labels, tableware supplies, fruit and other information labels. After washing the products do not leave self-adhesive traces.

Paper label technology has been published for many years, in the field of food packaging has been more and more applications. Of course, the most important application is in the field of logistics, Paper Label such as packaging and pallet labeling.

The advantages of a bottomless paper label are known to omit the paper from the bottom, so that each volume of material can be produced more labels, in the printing and labeling phase is more efficient. "Non-paper labels can reduce waste and reduce associated costs in the labeling process," said Mr. Beno Pollacchi, Paper Label a global strategic marketing manager at Bostik, a supplier of tape and label adhesives