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Paper Label More Efficient

Protex Smart Technologies Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 11, 2017

Paper label technology has been published for many years, Paper Label in the field of food packaging has been more and more applications. Of course, its main application is in the field of logistics, such as boxes and pallets of the code tag.

The advantages of a bottomless paper label are known to omit the paper from the bottom, so that each volume of material can be produced more labels, Paper Label in the printing and labeling phase is more efficient.

The leading supplier of direct thermal Transfer label product market, Mr. Tim Broderick, manager of the Appvion company, expressed the same view that retailers and brands are increasingly concerned about sustainable development. "The bottomless paper label has been under discussion for years and is usually asking whether the technology has really been implemented." Is there a sustainable advantage? Are there potential for significant cost reductions? "For a variety of reasons, customers are becoming increasingly concerned about the paper label and related equipment. Appvion Company has been paying close attention to the development of non-paper label technology these years. "I can't say that all of our products are bottomless labels, but this is really a fast-growing area, and the market is increasingly focused on it." ”

In order to further boost this growth momentum, and constantly expand the application of the bottomless paper label, many vendors involved in the bottomless supply chain began to launch a variety of new products, Paper Label mainly to help the paper label as far as possible to achieve rapid application, reduce technical barriers.

There is a need to strengthen cooperation among all vendors of the bottomless paper label supply chain, which Mr. Pollacchi of the Bostik company agrees with. "The most important point of the non-paper label adhesives is compatibility with silicone resins." Especially in the production of paper label, Paper Label smooth peeling is very important. In the labeling process to ensure that one after another smooth labeling. ”

The traditional self-adhesive label has a two-layer basic structure-surface material + bottom paper. When used, it is very convenient to peel and paste the surface material from the bottom sheet onto the pasted material. But label makers and customers are discovering that, after the traditional label is used, Paper Label the rest of the paper has no value, not only a waste of resources, but also environmental pollution. In response to this problem, label manufacturers, through the improvement of technology and technology, Paper Label eventually invented the need for paper, lower carbon, more environmentally friendly self-adhesive label-bottomless paper label.

Traditional label surface material and base paper use 1:1, no bottom paper means nearly 30% of the cost of raw materials, storage and transport costs almost halved, Paper Label the number of labels doubled, the volume of downtime reduced, excluding the traditional label treatment of waste paper costs and the resulting environmental pollution.