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Paper Label Important

Protex Smart Technologies Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 21, 2017

Multi-color product label of the common label paper, apply to drugs, food, edible oil, wine, beverages, electrical appliances, stationery, Paper Label information labels.

For information such as price tags and other retail uses

Fabric is transparent, bright gold, Paper Label bright silver, sub-gold, silver, milky white, matte milky white


Anti-water, oil and chemical properties of the more important product labels for the bathroom

Supplies, cosmetics, electrical appliances, Paper Label machinery products, especially for high-tech products, information labels

The fabric is transparent, bright milky white, matte milky white

Water, oil and chemicals and other properties of the more important product labels for toilet supplies, cosmetics, electrical products, especially for high-tech products, information labels.

Supermarket retail, clothing tag, logistics label, product label, railway ticket, drug product standard printing or bar code printing

Electronic parts, mobile phones, batteries, electrical products, chemical products, outdoor advertising, auto parts, textile printing or bar code printing

Frozen food, clean room, product tamper, brand-name products, high-temperature pseudo-label printing or bar code printing

For the bar code printer commonly used material, Paper Label the thickness of the general 80g or so. Widely used in supermarkets, inventory management, clothing tag, industrial production lines and so on the amount of coated paper labels more places. To view the bar code label sales for many years, in a variety of Chinese and foreign brands in the United States Aili paper, the Japanese Prince paper users reflect the best, Paper Label especially the United States Ai Li copperplate label paper the best performance, the white ultra-smooth non-coated paper , Is the thermal transfer printing of the basic materials.

PET is the abbreviation of polyester film, in fact it is a polymer material. PET has a good hard and brittle, the color of the common silver, sub-white, white and so on several. Paper Label According to the thickness of 25 Fan (1 Fan = 1um), 50 Fan, 75 Fan and other specifications, which is related to the actual requirements of manufacturers. Because PET has excellent media properties, it has good anti-fouling, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance and other properties, it is widely used in a variety of special occasions, Paper Label such as mobile phone batteries, computer monitors, air conditioning compressors. In addition, PET paper has a good natural degradability, has increasingly attracted the attention of manufacturers.

PVC is a vinyl abbreviation, it is also a polymer material, common colors are sub-white, pearl white. PVC and PET performance close, it is better than PET with flexibility, feel soft, Paper Label often used in jewelry, jewelry, watches, electronics, metal and other high-end occasions. But the degradation of PVC is poor, has a negative impact on environmental protection, some developed countries abroad have begun to develop alternative products in this area.