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Paper Label Excellent Media Performance

Protex Smart Technologies Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 03, 2017

Multi-color product label of the common label paper, Paper Label apply to drugs, food, edible oil, wine, beverages, electrical appliances, stationery information labels.

PET is the abbreviation of polyester film, in fact it is a polymer material. PET has a good hard and brittle, the color of common silver, sub-white, white and so on several. Paper Label According to the thickness of 25 Fan (1 Fan = 1um), 50 Fan, 75 Fan and other specifications, which is related to the actual requirements of manufacturers. Due to the excellent performance of PET, it has good anti-fouling, Paper Label scratch resistance and high temperature resistance. It is widely used in a variety of special occasions such as cell phone batteries, computer monitors, Paper Label air conditioning compressors and so on. In addition, PET paper has a good natural degradability, has increasingly attracted the attention of manufacturers.

PVC is a vinyl abbreviation, it is also a polymer material, common colors are sub-white, pearl white. PVC and PET performance close to, it has a good flexibility than PET, feel soft, often used in jewelry, jewelry, watches, electronics, metal and other high-end occasions. But the degradation of PVC is poor, has a negative impact on environmental protection, some developed countries abroad have begun to develop alternative products in this area

Generally we believe that the adhesive label is composed of the surface of the substrate, adhesive, at the end of paper, stickers in the paste after the end of the paper on the loss of its meaning into the waste. In the packaging industry, retailers and regulators are eager to reduce packaging waste. When the end-user manufacturers face this unprecedented challenge, the emergence of the bottomless label to the industry has brought new hope.

No end of the label, as the name suggests, that is, no paper at the end of the stickers. The bottomless label has a very obvious advantage, it can reduce the waste. In addition, the bottomless label has the advantage of cost savings in terms of transportation, storage and pasting. Because there is no backing paper, the same size of the paper roll will accommodate more stickers, can reduce the cost of a single label, reduce the frequency of change. More labels on each label mean a reduction in storage and shipping weight, Paper Label reduced inventory of label paper, Paper Label a significant reduction in waste on the printer and packaging lines, reduced energy consumption for mobile waste, environmental protection, and health The

The traditional self-adhesive label has two basic structures - the surface material + the end paper. When used, the surface material from the end of the paper stripped and paste to the paste, very convenient. Paper Label But label manufacturers and customers have gradually found that the traditional label is used, the remaining paper at the end there is no value, not only the waste of resources, but also cause environmental pollution. Paper Label In response to this problem, the label manufacturer through the improvement of technology and technology, the final invention without the need for paper, lower carbon, more environmentally friendly adhesive label - no paper label.