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Paper Label Applications

Protex Smart Technologies Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 04, 2017

Paper Label No end of the paper label technology has been available for many years, in the field of food packaging also has more and more applications. Of course, Paper Label its main application is in the field of logistics, such as crates and pallets of the tag.

The advantages of the bottomless label are well known, that is, Paper Label the paper is removed from the base paper so that more labels can be made per roll of material and more efficient during printing and labeling. "Bottomless labels can reduce waste and reduce the associated costs of label production

Direct thermal transfer label products market leader, Paper Label retailers and brands are increasingly concerned about sustainable development. "Bottomless labels have been discussed for years, and are often asked whether this technology has really been achieved? Is it a sustainable development advantage? Is there a significant reduction in the cost of potential?" For a variety of reasons, Paper Label customers are increasingly concerned about No bottom paper labels and related equipment. These years are closely watching the development of bottomless paper label technology. "I can not say that all of our products are bottomless labels, Paper Label but this is indeed a fast growing area, the market is getting more and more attention to it."

In order to further boost this growth momentum and continue to expand the application of paperless labels, many suppliers involved in the supply of paper without the end of the supply of new products, mainly to help the bottomless paper label as soon as possible to quickly popularize the application , Paper Label To reduce the technical barriers.

One of the purposes of the Endless Paper Journey is to fully mobilize the various suppliers of the bottomless paper supply chain to provide a platform for all manufacturers to jointly promote the development of bottomless paper label technology. "Because its customers and end users are working on technology Worry that many manufacturers are still hesitant to label the bottomless paper, 'Paper Label no bottom paper trip' supply chain is to let manufacturers see the potential of bottomless paper. "

"The bottomless paper label market prospects, Paper Label but still need everyone's joint efforts. Industry cooperation will help achieve this goal."

Ordinary stickers, you can choose any supplier of materials and supplies, but no bottom paper labels are different. "For example, you must use the correct material to ensure proper absorption levels, Paper Label with the appropriate reaction characteristics of the silicone. "

The minimalist labeling is being viewed as a standard form for global food packaging, Ravenwood Packaging believes, especially in frozen food. Other industries have also begun to adopt this technology because they want production to be more efficient and less wasteful. No end of the label because there is no end of the paper, Paper Label so compared to the traditional way to reduce the production of waste labeling.

No end of the label, as the name suggests is no paper at the end of the stickers. Because it eliminates the need for the bottom of the paper, the same volume of the volume, Paper Label no paper label coil each volume can produce more labels in the printing and labeling stage is also more efficient. At the same time, it also reduces transportation, storage and other costs, the environment is more friendly, so much favored by processors. Paper Label "Now we can see the market demand for bottomless paper labels is growing.