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Ocean Research In Foreign Trade In Shenzhen

Protex Smart Technologies Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 05, 2016

Vice Premier Wang Yang did foreign trade research in Shenzhen on Apr.25. He stressed that China's foreign trade situation was still severe and complicated at present, we should conscientiously implement the relevant decision-making arrangements of the State Council, strengthened the main responsibility and overall awareness of local government, and fully mobilized the enthusiasm of enterprises and creativity, tried our best to lay the stabilization of foreign trade to the good battle.

Wang Yang visited Huawei Technology Co., Ltd, SZ DJI Technology Co., Ltd etc, and learned more about the situation, experience, practice opinions and suggestions of foreign trade enterprises. He pointed out that China's traditional foreign trade development momentum also had development space, the new momentum developed quickly , the innovation-driven development environment and institutional conditions initially formed, the comprehensive competitiveness of foreign trade still existed, the development of a long-term trend had not changed for the better. On the basis of strengthened the traditional competitive advantage, unswervingly took the road of innovation development, and paid attention on foster the development of new momentum in foreign trade through the supply-side structural reforms.

Wang Yang stressed that local governments should put the foreign trade of current economic work into outstanding position, adhered to develop the stable and good direction. And also paid more attention to implement the new introduced policies, supported the introduction of workable and quick measures to improve the accuracy and relevance of policies, supported extend effect, boost foreign trade enterprises confidence. Supported corporate brand and marketing network construction, strengthened IPR protection, regarded the technology, standards, brand, quality and service as the core of the new competitive advantages. Strengthened primary research, learn experiences and practices from each other, to promote institutional innovation, further optimize the environment for the development of foreign trade. (Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, April 25)