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"Industry 4.0" And "Internet +" Print Manufacturing New Revelation

Protex Smart Technologies Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 30, 2016

The third meeting of the Twelfth National People's Congress opening ceremony was held in the Great Hall. At the conference, Li Keqiang in his government work report, first propose the development of "Internet +" action plan. It stated as: "the development of 'Internet +' action plan to promote the mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, combined with networking and other modern manufacturing, to promote e-commerce, Internet banking and Internet industry healthy development, and guide Internet companies to expand internationally market."

For a time, the "Internet +" seems to be a fashion, to become the Internet industry, manufacturing industry, IT industry, streaming media industry and the industry scrambling to talk about. But after a first noise and impetuous after the crowd began digging the "Internet +" the real meaning.

1. "Internet +"  VS  "Industry 4.0"

On April 2013 the Hanover Industrial Fair, the German government had proposed "Industry 4.0" strategy, which aims to improve the competitiveness of German industry, occupation of the initiative in the new round of industrial revolution. "Industry 4.0" concept, which is based on intelligent manufacturing dominated the fourth industrial revolution, the strategy aims to make full use of information and communication technology and cyberspace virtual system - means the system combines information about the physical, to the intelligent manufacturing transformation.

October 10, 2014, Premier Li Keqiang during his visit to Germany, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel issued a "Sino-German Platform for Action: A total of plastic innovation" and "Industry 4.0" as a separate part, was explicitly written "in the German cooperation Platform for action "," industry 4.0 "has also become an important part of Sino-German cooperation.

2. Sino-German cooperation on "Industry 4.0" 

"Industry 4.0" project consists of three main themes: Smart Factory, Smart production and Smart logistics. The "Smart Factory" focuses on smart production systems and processes, as well as a distributed network of production facilities; "Smart Production" mainly involves the entire enterprise production logistics management, human-computer interaction and 3D technology applications in industrial processes.

The plan will pay particular attention to attract the participation of small and medium enterprises to try to make the production technology of a new generation of intelligent use of SMEs and beneficiaries, but also be creators and suppliers of advanced production technology;  " Smart logistics " mainly through the Internet, Internet of things, logistics, integration of logistics resources, give full play to the efficiency of existing logistics resources supply side and demand side, you can quickly access matches, for logistics support.

In fact, the proposal of "Internet +" can be seen as the "industrial 4.0" strategy of expansion, is the "industrial 4.0" extends to "N 4.0", in a wide range of areas, the traditional combination of industry and Internet.

3.China Printing and Manufacturing "Industry 4.0" and "Internet +" large gap

Whether it is "Industry 4.0" or "Internet +", it is a beautiful description of the manufacturing industry of the future, but for the Chinese printing manufacturing industry, the future of this beautiful but it is still a great gap.

Chinese print manufacturing started late, but objectively speaking, whether it is China's printing equipment manufacturing, or China's printing equipment manufacturing, even after the reform and opening up 30 years of development, but so far just to achieve a breakthrough in the amount, and It did not achieve a qualitative breakthrough.

One of the most obvious facts is that Chinese manufacturing in the international printing show for little real inventions, it is possible to apply the developed countries in Europe and the number of patents few. Chinese manufacturing printed yet have a business can really lead the international trend, in most cases, China is still relying on print manufacturing imitation, it is back with the leading foreign competitors footsteps.

However, although China on the basis of the technical aspects as compared to developed countries such as Germany differ greatly, but in terms of Internet technology, IT technology, the gap between China and the international advanced level is unlikely, and some can even leading position in the international arena.

The reason lies in the development time of Internet technology, IT technology is not long, but since the beginning of development, China has also begun to explore appropriate, so China can be synchronized with the international advanced level in this regard; and the underlying technology development, in such developed industrial countries, Germany has experienced several years of development, China in this regard but shame.

Therefore, China's development, "Industry 4.0" or "Internet +", in fact, should be more focus into the basic technology, instead of Internet technology, IT technology. The former is because the Internet technology, IT technology can play a role, can only be icing on the cake, but definitely not timely. There is no basis for technical support, China's "Industry 4.0" or "Internet +", it can only be a castle in the air, it can only be impractical image project.