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IC Card Safety Technology

Protex Smart Technologies Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 03, 2017

IC card was originally conceived in the 1960s, IC Card with the ultra-large-scale integrated circuit technology, computer technology and information security technology development, IC card more abundant, more mature technology, has been widely used at home and abroad The At present, IC card main products include communication smart card, financial IC card, city card, mobile multimedia radio and television conditional access card, tax card (disk), IC Card social security card, fuel card.

At present, China is still the world's IC card and IC card module is the most important producer. Prospective Industry Research Institute released the "2015-2020 China IC card industry market research and investment forecast analysis report" statistics show that in 2012, IC card sales increased 16% over the previous year, the annual sales volume of 2.82 billion, Usher in the "Gold Card Project" to implement the highest number of sales in 20 years a year. In 2013, China's IC card issuance amounted to 3.45 billion.

IC card and magnetic card is different from the data storage media is different from the magnetic card through the magnetic field changes to store information, IC card through the embedded card in the open-mode programmable read-only memory integrated circuit chip (EEPROM) to store data information. Compared with the magnetic card, IC card has the following characteristics: First, storage capacity, the maximum storage of millions of characters; Second, the security and confidentiality, the card information is not easy to read, modify; Third, long life; Is a magnetic, anti-static, anti-mechanical damage and anti-chemical damage and other capabilities. IC Card The above advantages determine the IC card on the traditional magnetic card has a great replacement, and is widely used in the financial sector.

First of all, the first use of the skills is the user will purchase the water into the water meter IC card, be sure to observe the LCD screen readings are correct, then pull out the card. IC card smart water meter Note: When the card is not completed, things are not allowed to unplug the IC card, otherwise there may be damage to the IC card, and IC card data may not be stored in the water meter, IC Card it may cause IC card The amount of water lost.

The second use of common sense is available when the water to set the amount, the display alarm, IC card smart meter automatically shut down the valve, then insert the user card, IC Card you can then open the valve to continue the water, the user in time to the IC card smart water meter management Department of water purchase.

1, ic card in use, you must first through the ic card and read and write equipment unique two-way key authentication, to carry out related work, (WeChat public: elevator) so that the whole system has a very high security. Therefore, it is necessary to initialize the factory ic card (that is, IC Card encryption), the purpose is to produce the ic card in the factory can not break the card system key to ensure that the card system security mechanism.

2, ic card initialization encryption, IC Card to the user to use, the customer through the ic card distribution system, in turn the user card to generate their own system dedicated key.

In this way, to ensure that other users in the system issued by the user card can not be used in the system to ensure that the system specificity, IC Card thus ensuring the safe use of the system mechanism.