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IC Card Normal Operation

Protex Smart Technologies Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 11, 2017

IC card is the meaning of IC card, IC card is a large-scale integrated circuit of the plastic card, IC Card its size and the original magnetic card phone card size is the same.

IC card can be divided into memory card, encryption card and smart card three categories, IC Card memory card can be read directly, write operation memory, encryption card is on the basis of memory card added read, write encryption function, on the encryption card operation, must first check the password in the card, IC Card the correct password to carry out normal operation, smart card is with a microprocessor (CPU), also known as CPU card.

The design process of IC card is divided into: logic design--sub function decomposition--detailed sequential diagram--block logic simulation--circuit design (RTL level description)--function

Financial IC card, also known as Chip bank card, IC Card is a chip as the medium of the bank card. Chip card capacity, can store keys, digital certificates, fingerprints and other information, its working principle is similar to a microcomputer, can simultaneously handle a variety of functions, for the cardholder to provide a more convenient card. The Financial IC card is issued by the Commercial Bank (credit cooperative) or the payment institution, adopts the integrated circuit technology, follows the national finance industry standard, IC Card has the financial tool of the consumer credit, the transfer settlement, the cash access all or part of the financial function, may have other commercial service and the social management function.

The shape of the financial IC card is similar to the magnetic stripe card, IC Card and the different place lies in the medium of data storage. The magnetic stripe card is to store the information through the magnetic field change of the magnetic stripe on the card, and the financial IC card is to store the data information by embedding the IC chip in the card. Compared with the traditional magnetic stripe card, the Financial IC card has more obvious advantages:

1, with a card more than the revolutionary advantage. IC Card Financial IC card storage capacity is hundreds of times times the traditional magnetic stripe card, IC Card can be implanted more applications, such as social security, public transport, retail, hospitals, self-service ticketing and sales. So that the financial IC card is widely used in addition to the Bank of all areas of cooperation, the real realization of "one card more use, one card pass."

2. Good security and confidentiality. Compared to the magnetic stripe card, IC Card the Financial IC card has a strong ability to resist attack, it is difficult to copy and Forge.

3, "flash pay" fast consumption. Different from the traditional magnetic stripe card can only have one account, IC card chip can also increase the electronic cash account (ie, "electronic wallet"), IC Card the account balance of 1000 yuan, can be achieved by "flash pay" to achieve offline fast consumption.