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EVOLIS Launched Its First Touch-screen Color Card Printer

Protex Smart Technologies Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 29, 2016

May 5, 2016, Angers - Evolis launched a new color touch screen option for desktop card printer series. Relates printer models include the Primacy, Zenius and Elypso. The first printing system installed directly on the touch screen, so users do not in front of the computer and the printer will be able to interact in real time.

16 languages selectable, Evolis2.4 inch color touch screen is a counter applications (transportation, banking, retail) and other computer printer ideal for use away from the case. Because users can be set through the touch screen, to initiate or cancel the print job, view the status of the ribbon and cards, fraudulent claims is clean, so this new feature can significantly save users time.

Explicit type information, the user's virtual assistant

Evolis attaches great importance to the information on the display readability and understandability. Icon on the screen as clear as possible to achieve through research. In addition, the entire cleaning process has a visual step by step guide. Help solve common problems, alarms alert when an error occurs. But can also display the printer customization dealer contact information.

"We developed the touch screen is designed to meet the needs of some users to operate independently. This feature makes printer management easier, especially when the user away from the printer", Agnes Puel Evolis product manager said.

Evolis provides touch screen solutions for the perfect solution for the special needs of users, and once again demonstrated its innovative instant issuance of personalized plastic cards sector.

Primacy color touch screen (optional) can be ordered with immediate effect, Zenius and Elypso by project request.

About Evolis ( :

Evolis development, production and global sales of a series of graphical and electronic personalization (magnetic stripe, contact and contactless smart card) card printer, applicable to all types of cards (national ID cards, payment cards, employee identification card , student ID, etc.). Evolis also sells a wide range of people and used to identify products and goods and services: custom software card (through cardPresso Branch) complete card accessories (by Sogedex Branch) and the signature plate and support services. Evolis global headquarters in Angers (France), Miami (USA), Mumbai (India), Singapore and Shanghai (China) with branch offices. Evolis has been the Paris Stock Exchange (Alternext) market, and made revenues of 7,680 million euros in 2015. The company has more than 300 employees worldwide, the products are sold in 125 countries worldwide.