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Barcode Printer Ribbon The Role

Protex Smart Technologies Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 26, 2017

To regularly clean the print head, cleaning tools can be used with cotton swab and alcohol. Barcode Printer Ribbon Turn off the bar code printer, keep the same direction (when wiping back and forth when wiping away the dirt residue), turn the print head up, remove the ribbon, label the paper, Barcode Printer Ribbon the cotton swab (or cotton) with the print head cleaning fluid, , Wipe the print head until it is clean. Then wipe the print head with a clean cotton swab. Barcode Printer Ribbon Keep the print head clean and get a good print effect, the most important thing is to extend the printhead life.

Regularly clean the bar code printer sticks with cotton swabs and alcohol, Barcode Printer Ribbon keep the sticks clean, but also to get good print results, and extend the life of the print head. In the printing process, the label paper will leave a lot of powder on the stick, if Not timely cleaning, Barcode Printer Ribbon it will hurt the print head;

Because the general label paper for the stickers, the glue is easy to stick in the drive shaft and channel, coupled with dust, a direct impact on the printing effect, it is often clean. Barcode Printer Ribbon This is done by scrubbing the various shafts of the drive, the surface of the channel, and the dust inside the case with a cotton swab (or cotton) impregnated with alcohol.

To keep the sensor clean, no paper error or ribbon error occurs. The sensor includes a ribbon sensor and a tag sensor, as shown in the instruction manual, by scrubbing the sensor head with a cotton swab with alcohol, Barcode Printer Ribbon and wiping it dry.

Barcode printheads are the most vulnerable and fragile devices in barcode printers. It is like a car is a loss of goods, will eventually be damaged, but continue to pay attention to maintenance, Barcode Printer Ribbon you can extend the bar code print head life.

1. To play the best role, when a roll of a ribbon or a roll of thermal paper to be cleaned once a bar code print head. CAUTION When cleaning the bar code printhead, Barcode Printer Ribbon remove the ring to prevent the bar code print head and use a grounded metal strap or an antistatic mat to prevent damage to the bar code printhead.

2. You can use the 70% alcohol cotton swab, first turn off the printer power and open the bar code print head, with a small amount of cotton in the printer part of the machine brush, Barcode Printer Ribbon or gently blow the dust (such as: roller, paper / ribbon sensor and bar code printing head). Do not use any hard metal or wear tools (such as a screwdriver) to burn the bar code printheads.

3. With alcohol sticks on the bar code print head rub from scratch to the end, Barcode Printer Ribbon and then rotate the roller, use it to turn the edge of the rub, dirty cotton sticks do not reuse.

1. The correct operation: the user's operation is correct, Barcode Printer Ribbon the length of the bar code printer has a great impact on life, such as temperature, pressure and other machine settings and applications.

2. Implementation of the maintenance: whether the use of the implementation of general maintenance, and maintenance actions are correct (including the use of maintenance equipment and methods), and regular maintenance of professional maintenance is complete, Barcode Printer Ribbon the above points affect the bar code printer life.

3. Environmental factors: bar code printer when not in use, please turn off the power, Barcode Printer Ribbon allowing the machine to keep as low as possible in the switching power supply is best separated by 5 to 10 minutes, try to choose to place in a clean environment. If the above conditions are met, the life of the bar code printer is at least 5%.