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Barcode Printer Ribbon Processing Method

Protex Smart Technologies Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 07, 2017

Bar code printer is a special printing label barcode printer A, compared with ordinary printers, its printing label faster and clearer, high-end barcode printer is able to match specific labeling arm, real-time printing to achieve the effect of instant labeling, Barcode Printer Ribbon greatly speed up the efficiency of product packaging. Barcode Printer Ribbon So for such a convenient bar code equipment, understand some of its common problem-handling methods to ensure that the bar code printer can be normal and stable work, is very necessary.

1. The printer's back is not turned.

Reason: Setup error.

Processing method: Adjust the printer set back to the various settings, Barcode Printer Ribbon if not yet, may be the motherboard has a problem, as soon as possible repair.

2. During the printing process, a black line appears next to it.

Reason: The printhead is not tuned.

How to: Adjust the screws in front of the printhead.

3, print content can not be fully displayed

Cause: Print software and driver versions are too low.

How to: Install the latest version of the software and drivers.

4, printing is not clear, ribbon break.

Reason: The printer ribbon shaft failure.

Treatment method: Mechanical Carbon Belt rotating shaft tension is too tight, adjust the printer carbon belt shaft tension.

5, the printing process, Barcode Printer Ribbon print out the content and the actual content is not the same size.

Reason: Print driver error.

Processing method: Select the correct barcode printer driver.

6, when printing labels, there are always some words do not print out

Reason: Print head dirty, Barcode Printer Ribbon typographical error.

Processing method: Cleaning the print head; In addition to checking typesetting, note whether the printed words overlap.

7, the font is clear when printing, bar code is not clear

Reason: bar code content too much, Barcode Printer Ribbon the density is too small.

Processing method: Shorten the bar code content or increase bar code density. To deal with 200dpi and 300dpi of machinery, the bar code density is generally above 7mils, that is, the proportional factor to 2 or 2, the printed bar code is clear.

8, the printer will not be in place when printing small labels, printing content always up or down.

Reason: The label is too small, Barcode Printer Ribbon the sensor is difficult to feel the paper.

Processing methods: The general label of the high minimum to be more than 10 of the good positioning, Barcode Printer Ribbon or the label to offset settings. When tagging is set, set the height of the label to be about 5mm taller than the actual label, Barcode Printer Ribbon and then offset the label based on the detailed offset.