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Barcode Printer Ribbon Often Clean

Protex Smart Technologies Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 04, 2017

Barcode Printer Ribbon To regularly clean the print head, cleaning tools can be used with cotton swab and alcohol. Turn off the bar code printer, and keep the print head in the same direction (to avoid dirt residue when wiping back and forth), remove the print head, remove the ribbon, label paper, Barcode Printer Ribbon cotton swab (or cotton) with the printhead cleaning solution, , Wipe the print head until it is clean. Then wipe the print head with a clean cotton swab. Keep the print head clean one can get a good print effect, Barcode Printer Ribbon the most important thing is to extend the printhead life.

To regularly clean the bar code printer sticks with cotton swabs and alcohol, keep the sticks clean, Barcode Printer Ribbon but also to get good print results, and extend the life of the print head in the printing process label paper will stay in the stick on a lot of powder, if Not timely cleaning, it will hurt the print head;

Because the general label paper for the stickers, Barcode Printer Ribbon the glue is easy to stick in the drive shaft and channel, coupled with dust, a direct impact on the print results, it is often clean. This is done by scrubbing the various shafts of the drive, the surface of the channel, Barcode Printer Ribbon and the dust inside the case with a cotton swab (or cotton cloth) impregnated with alcohol.

To keep the sensor clean, no paper error or ribbon error occurs. Barcode Printer Ribbon The sensor includes a ribbon sensor and a label sensor, the location of which is described in the instructions by scrubbing the sensor head with a cotton swab with alcohol, and then wiping it dry.

Barcode printer printing is not clear is likely to be the following:

1, may print depth is not enough, Barcode Printer Ribbon the print head temperature elevation point.

2, it is possible to print too fast, Barcode Printer Ribbon so that the ribbon and the label only contact time is not sufficient. The print speed can be set slowly.

3, the print head down to try, if the print head down the pressure. Print can be clear, so, Barcode Printer Ribbon is the print head pressure is not enough, the print head pressure adjustment can be.

4, when the ribbon and label paper does not match, Barcode Printer Ribbon it will cause such a situation. Coated paper label, then use wax-based ribbon or mixed base. PET, then use the resin ribbon.