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Barcode Label The Corresponding Environment

Protex Smart Technologies Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 21, 2017

Barcode Label Bar code only printed on the carrier to form a bar code label to use value, but how do you know a bar code label is to meet your requirements? Of course, Barcode Label printing quality is important. You need bar code labels with sufficient precision, reflectivity and contrast to make them have a satisfactory first read rate. However, the quality of printing alone is not enough to protect your bar code application to be successful, if your bar code label can not survive in the corresponding environment, or can not firmly stick to the surface of the object, or can not let bar code scanning gun read many times, Or life cycle is not long enough, Barcode Label or can not meet the UL, CSA and the relevant provisions of the government, then the bar code label has no use value, your bar code application system will fall short. Therefore, when you invest in a bar code printing system, Barcode Label you must first test the system produced by the bar code label can meet your requirements.

Adhesive material consists of three parts: (1) surface material (2) plastic (3) at the end of paper. In the choice of labels, we should pay attention to the following questions:

1. The permanent and removable nature of the adhesive

To the performance of adhesive performance, Barcode Label the overall can be divided into two categories: permanent adhesive and removable adhesive.

2. Emphasize the meaning of the label surface

Labels processed with adhesive materials may be labeled on the surface of various materials such as glass, metal, cardboard, and plastic. The plastic can be further divided into: polyvinyl chloride, Barcode Label high-density polyethylene. Tests show that different labels have the greatest impact on label performance.

3. The surface structure of the label substrate

Intuitively, the surface of the rough label requires a strong glue.

4. The surface shape of the label substrate

The surface of the label substrate has a flat and curved surface. If the surface of the label has a certain degree of curvature (for example, Barcode Label a bottle surface with a diameter of less than three centimeters), it may be necessary for the paper to have good fitability or high viscosity glue.

5. Clean the surface of the label

The adhesive material is best suited for surface cleaning, dry, oil-free and dusty label substrates.

6. Plasticity of the adverse effects of plastic

Label conditions - Adhesive viscosity needs to be stuck in cold, hot, humid or room temperature conditions.

Use the environment - stickers are exposed to the freezing point of the following environment, whether used for outdoor, high temperature,

Damp or contain ultraviolet light, and whether it is close to the higher temperature of the car engine.

8. Printing methods and processing methods on the requirements of adhesive materials

In the selection of different printing methods (such as flexographic printing, letterpress printing, offset printing, thermal transfer and laser playing and processing methods (such as volume to volume, roll to leaflets, folding paper, leaflets to a single) May decide to print the material.