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Barcode Label Technology Extension

Protex Smart Technologies Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 24, 2017

With the promotion of barcode technology, bar code printers in our domestic users are more and more, especially clothing, electronics, Barcode Label warehousing, supermarkets, jewelry and other industries, bar code printers are more widely used. How to choose a good bar code printer, and just right for their own? In the opinion of the individual, the following screening should be made:

Barcode printer belongs to High-tech electromechanical products, its high-temperature ceramic printing head, high-speed transmission devices, Barcode Label sensors and so on are high technology content. Now the world's most famous brand of barcode printers is the United States Zebra, Datamax; Germany's cab, Japan's TEC, Sato and so on. The U.S. Datamax and Zebra brand into the Chinese market earliest, product line is also the most complete. These international brands have 20-30 years of manufacturing experience, Barcode Label with quality stability, high reliability. In recent years, some Taiwanese brands of low-end products are also welcomed by SMEs. But its high-end industrial products, whether performance, stability and international brands are still a certain gap.

2. Actual needs

(1) Use the load. Barcode printers can be divided into commercial and industrial grade according to the use of different occasions. Commercial machine Other products mainly meet the needs of Office label and small Batch label. Industrial-grade printing equipment takes into account the need for a large and demanding environment. Usually industrial-grade products are more metal components and higher configuration, durability and stability is much better than commercial products, printing faster also. Barcode Label The use of load also does not have a very precise demarcation line, according to our experience and some information, daily workload is not greater than 4000, an average of about 1000 per day label printing capacity can be considered commercial-type machine. Of course, the use of industrial printing under the same load will be longer.

(2) Printing accuracy. Barcode printer by printing precision to distinguish, mainly 203dpi and 300dpi two kinds, 300dpi about your $number (Datamax, Barcode Label TEC and other brands also have 600dpi products, mainly used in some special areas, if the fineness of the printing requirements are relatively high (such as jewelry, mobile phones, electronic components on the high density of bar code), you can choose 300DPI models, the general situation of the use of 203dpi models are enough.

(3) Save time. Bar code printer from the printing principle is divided into heat transfer and heat sensitive two kinds. Because the transmission mechanism is relatively simple, the price of the heat sensitive printer is cheaper. and thermal transfer printers can also be converted to heat-sensitive mode of printing, better versatility. Barcode Label Thermal transfer is through the printing head of the high temperature on the carbon ribbon on the transfer of toner to the media, save time is relatively long, so the application is also relatively wide. Thermal sensitivity is directly applied to heat-sensitive paper, applicable to postal, retail industry, such as the use of the field.

(4) Other issues needing attention. If the actual work needs to print a large number of data from the database, it is best to choose a large-memory industrial products; If the information in the database contains Chinese characters, consider selecting the models that can download Chinese characters into machine memory. If you print a variety of media, you must select the type of sensor can be moved. Also consider whether the print media needs additional brackets, and other details. Users should be based on their actual needs, choose the right products, do not blindly choose high-end products, but also to avoid the choice can not withstand the actual workload of commercial products.