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Barcode Label Increasingly Prominent

Protex Smart Technologies Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 07, 2017

With the transformation of enterprise management Nowadays, many enterprises adopt the mode of operation and the management way is still relatively backward, these ways in the efficiency, the cost or in the controllability and so on the disadvantage is increasingly prominent. Barcode Label Therefore, the market environment changes to the Enterprise channel Management Way also proposed the new request.

The Product bar code management System can help enterprises to achieve strict supervision and control over the orderly flow of key commodities in distribution network, Barcode Label which can effectively improve the management level of the enterprise and reduce the risk of evading the channel. By applying the two-dimensional barcode technology of encryption, the system can accurately and confidentially identify key commodities. Enterprises in each product packaging affixed with a unique symbol of the bar code, Barcode Label the bar code can be encrypted one-dimensional code can also be encrypted two-dimensional code and other forms, the bar code contains product variety information, production information, serial numbers, sales information and so on.

In addition, because the two-dimensional bar code of each commodity is different, Barcode Label and with the parts and serial number of the only specific information related to other unrelated personnel can not be forged, and the optical method cannot be used to copy the bar code. And in the database to record the logistics of each bar code, forged bar code has no database records, very easy to be checked and processed by the system, and automatically alarm.

With the bar code label, the enterprise can on the merchandise out of the library, warehousing, logistics and other links through the fast reading bar code to achieve strict monitoring of the machine, and the distribution network in the various business outlets have a strong commodity verification function, business outlets can be based on the needs of merchandise sales area, product attributes, such as verification and matching, Barcode Label verification function will be specific through the portable barcode scanning terminal, or through the notebook computer plus barcode scanner to achieve.

At the same time, the bar code management system also supports the code security, enterprises in the printing of labels when a serial number, and paste on the merchandise, Barcode Label the end user can call the service hotline to check the serial number of legality. In addition, the enterprise can also establish a security query website for customers to log on the product serial number.

Can be seen, the use of barcode customization system helps enterprises to improve the efficiency of the company, while cracking down on the market of counterfeit products, Barcode Label so that enterprises more benign development.

Ribbon is a barcode label printer essential printing consumables, ribbon is a thermal transfer ribbon, relative to inkjet and laser printing principle, carbon ribbon heat transfer printing content can be more delicate and clear, there is a better adhesion.

Carbon Ribbon Selection In addition to the need to match the label material, but also to consider other performance requirements, such as printing content to be resistant to friction, waterproof and so on. Auto Parts Barcode Label Printing most of the mixed base ribbon, mixing carbon tape with paper label printing can meet the basic performance requirements of friction, some of the resistance to friction is not high and the label preservation time is not very long can choose the economical wax base carbon belt, Barcode Label other special cases choose the corresponding performance requirements of the Ribbon.