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Barcode Label Effectively Improve

Protex Smart Technologies Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 03, 2017

With the transformation of today's business, Barcode Label many enterprises follow the business model and management is still relatively backward, these methods, whether in efficiency, cost or controllability and other aspects of the increasingly prominent advantages. Barcode Label Therefore, the changes in market environment on the enterprise channel management also put forward new requirements.

Product bar code management system can help enterprises in the distribution network in the distribution network in order to achieve strict supervision and control, Barcode Label can effectively improve the enterprise channel management level, reduce the risk of avoiding the channel. The system uses the encrypted two-dimensional bar code technology, Barcode Label the key goods for accurate and confidential identification. The barcode can be either an encrypted one-dimensional code or an encrypted two-dimensional code. Barcode Label The barcode contains the product variety information, production information, serial number, and sales information. Wait.

In addition, since the two-dimensional bar codes of each item are different and are related to unique information such as parts and serial numbers, other unrelated persons are difficult to forge or can not use the optical method to copy the bar code. And in the database records of each bar code logistics situation, Barcode Label forged bar code without a database record, it is easy to be system check processing, and automatic alarm.

With the bar code label, the enterprise can be on the goods out of storage, Barcode Label storage, logistics and other links through the rapid reading bar code machines to achieve strict monitoring and distribution network in the various business outlets have a strong commodity verification function, business Outlets can be based on the need for product sales areas, product attributes, such as verification and matching, Barcode Label verification function will be specific through the portable bar code scanning terminal, or through the notebook computer plus bar code scanner to achieve.

At the same time bar code management system also supports code security, Barcode Label companies print labels at the same time generate a serial number, Barcode Label and paste in the goods, the end user can dial the service hotline to check the serial number of legitimacy. In addition, Barcode Label enterprises can also establish anti-counterfeiting query website for customers to check the product serial number.

Barcode label printing paper from the end of paper, Barcode Label tissue paper and adhesive as the two components of the three parts.

For the bar code printer commonly used material, Barcode Label the thickness of the general 80g or so. Widely used in supermarkets, inventory management, clothing tag, industrial production lines, and so on the amount of coated paper labels more places. American Avery copperplate label paper the best performance, Barcode Label the white ultra-smooth non-coated paper, thermal transfer printing is a good foundation material.

Multi-purpose double-sided coated paper, used for clothing tag coated paper thickness is generally between 160g-300g. But too thick clothing tag for printing, Barcode Label and bar code printer to print the clothing tag should be around 180g, in order to ensure good print results, but also to protect the print head.

Is a highly heat sensitive coating of the paper, high sensitivity of the surface material can be applied to low voltage print head, so the print head wear is minimal.Barcode Label Thermal paper is specifically used for electronic said, a cash machine within the cash machine, the most simple way to test thermal paper: with nails on the paper across, will leave a black scratches.