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Ribbon various types and characteristics

Protex Smart Technologies Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 22, 2016

As the ribbon are the consumables of bar code printer, its main role is under the print head effect of heat and pressure in bar code printers , transfer the corresponding text and barcode information on the label. So when the print ribbon is very important material, in general, the quality of the ribbon, in addition to determine the life of the print head is also related to the effect of print. Good ribbon, can protect the print head, the effect can be accurately attached on the paper, it is not easy to spread and fall off. The ribbon can be simply divided into the following three types:


1, The product features: a wide range of label adaptability, versatility, and excellent print quality, cost effective, and can be applied to high-speed printing.

2, For purposes: mainly used for label which use for a short time, the general quality requirements of the occasion, such as food, department stores, warehouses, tickets, packaging and labels.

3, Application: kraft paper, coated paper, offset paper, etc.


1,The product features: excellent resistance to abrasion, corrosion resistance, with a wide range of applications, the standard height resolution suitable for printing bar code and rotary, printing materials to meet the different needs of high sensitivity ensure excellent print quality, effective protection in the print head.

2, For purposes: logistics management, clothing label, clothing labels, medical applications, financial management, shelf management, automotive, shipping, warehousing and receiving labeling, casing and packaging labels, shipping and address labels, blood tags, biochemistry label.

3, Application: transfer paper coated, glossy coated paper, cardboard, PVC and so on.


The resin ribbon: with strong scratch resistance, strong corrosion resistance, the more persistent valid-time, lower or proper temperature, the print clearer, more effectively protect your expensive print head, particularly suitable for printing labels on appliances suitable for use in high-grade bar code printers.

(四)Washable Resin

1,wash cloth special resin ribbon1, the product features: excellent scratch resistance, chemical properties of smear, and resistance to alcohol, resistance to washing, after detergent (including dry-cleaning formula) after washing, still maintain a clear image, high temperature 150 ℃ after ironing, more excellent quality, continuous printing with non-adhesive Water Wash situation.

2, for use: washing label apparel industry, special package labels, fabric labels, labels carpet

3, Applicable medium: paper, coated paper, synthetic paper, synthetic, textile, fabric coated label, nylon, etc.Also digital transfer, thermal transfer, directly or indirectly.

Here is the four type of ribbons above, if you want to know more professional information ribbons, label and barcode printers or any time you are welcome to come to our advice, we will be happy to serve you with the latest, most effective product consulting services to solve problems with your product.

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