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RFID Label Printer

Protex Smart Technologies Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 11, 2016

RFID printers can read and write to an RFID tag IC chip data, and the data content visualizing the label printed on the printing surface of the device. In recent years, RFID printer manufacturers in the bar code printer designed to increase the structural basis of RFID reader modules to achieve the data written to the RFID tag chip, while the contents of the visualization printed on the label. Print bar code printers, as principle and for thermal and thermal transfer. In China, the market is currently the most common RFID printers generally use the UHF or high frequency. Although domestic enterprises RFID printing market has been very seriously, but have two new RFID printer but comes from foreign brands.
The new passive RFID printer Zebra ZD500R

According to reports,  focusing specifically for this printer print speed and print quality applications. With the Link-OS environment -, A zebra for the operating system intelligent devices through a powerful multi-platform development toolkit, you can easily from anywhere in the world to achieve integration, management and maintenance. The new ZD500R passive RFID printers Zebra RFID printers to expand the product line. By adding UHF RFID printing and encoding functions to the industry-leading Zebra thermal transfer desktop printer, ZD500R provides a simple, one-touch printing and encoding, simple installation and automatic calibration RFID chip, is no technical support staff Scene ideal for applications. In addition, it provides users with a variety of media options to meet their unique label printing needs. The printer supports thermal and thermal transfer printing, compatible with a variety of chips from the major chip suppliers - from tiny to large item-level signage outside the box and pallet RFID tag.
Intelligent RFID printer CL4NX

A Shanghai factory tag user SATO's CL4NX RFID printers print performance intelligent, generous given the highest rating. According to reports, SATO's CL4NX intelligent printers, using a special dual-antenna design with sensitive RFID self-check function and power of the highest order data is written, the RFID label printing & encoding capability up to unprecedented heights; supports the widest range of RFID RFID media, while supporting short distance 15.8mm ultra-small RFID tag encoding & printing, saving the cost of electronic tags.   According to SATO technical personnel, the device has three characteristics: (1) two antennas; formerly under the label pitch, divided into small pitch and the standard pitch two designs, both want a small pitch and the standard pitch printing, you need two device corresponds to, and then you can CL4NX one correspondence. And in accordance with label directions can adjust the vertical position, improve the flexibility of the chip location, easier to use. (2) Intelligent Video Demo: Industry first introduced 18 kinds of built-in video presentation capabilities to help ordinary users to easily learn to use and maintenance methods, so that the printer operation is no longer limited to a small number of professionals. (3) support embedded AEP (Application-Enabled Printing) Function: NX series can be used as a standalone device, to provide customized applications to meet the diverse needs of customers, help customers reduce upfront investment and operating costs.