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Badge Reels

Protex Smart Technologies Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 30, 2016

Promote Your Brand

Though protex also offers standard badge reels (without an imprint), our custom printed badge reels are a huge hit. Aside from choosing from multiple color options, you can advertise your brand even more so by adding a logo or custom artwork to your badge reel. Not only is it an easy way to promote your brand, but it also adds security with the ability to identify your employees at a glance. Custom printing on badge reels can be achieved in two ways:

 ● Mylar® decals – the custom design is printed directly onto the badge reel surface; on the “face” and in some cases the “rim” area. This method is best used for simple one-color designs or text.

 ● Mylar® domes – the custom design is printed onto a label that is then adhered to the badge reel’s “face” area. With this option you can add artwork which contains more detail and colors. A clear Mylar® dome may also be added to help protect the label and prolong its lifespan.

Custom printing is available on most all of our stock badge reels. View our stock badge reels to get started.

Keep Your Badge Reel Attached

Protex has several options when choosing how to attach your badge reel. Depending upon the needs of your workplace, you can make it easily removable or have it stay secure once it’s attached. Badge reel clothing attachment options include:

Examples left to right: strap clip (belt clip), alligator clip, swivel alligator clip, swivel bulldog clip, carabiner, and lanyard attachment

 ● Strap Clip (Belt Clip) – Easily slides on and off without damaging clothing. Best choice for Badge Reels which need to be removed often. Attaches to pocket, belt or purse.

  Alligator Clip (Spring Clip) – Small “teeth” on the clip help to keep the badge reel secured to clothing once it is attached.

 ● Swivel Bulldog Clip – along with its ability to stay secure after being attached, the swivel bulldog clip allows the badge reel to spin 360 degrees. When you clip your badge reel to the side of your lapel, the reel can still hang straight.

 ● Carabiner – keeps badge reel secure – Attaches to belt loop or purse. Many of our carabiner reels can contain customization on both sides of the reel!

 ● Lanyard Attachment – Badge reel is attached to a neck lanyard, keeping it visible and adding yet another place to display your logo or custom message.

 ● Keep Your Card Secure

 ● Now that you’ve decided the best method to attach your badge reel to clothing, you should also plan on how best to keep your access card or ID badge safely secured to your badge reel. Badge reel card and/or key attachment options include

 ● Clear Standard Vinyl Strap – Loops through the slot in your ID and snaps closed to keep your ID card or badge holder attached to your badge reel.

 ● Clear Durable Vinyl Strap – Has same function as the standard vinyl strap, with reinforced vinyl to provide extra durability during use.

 ● Card Clamp – No need to slot your card. Securely holds card to pull strength of 10 lb.

 ● Split Ring – A durable metal ring which is often used to hold keys and/or IDs on your badge reel.


Contact Protex today and we’ll help you design a badge reel with your business in mind.