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If you are going to wholesale cheap ID ribbon or accessories, PVC card paper label, printing card, ribbon cartridge, conference name badges, membership card printer and barcode printer ribbon or label paper label from one of the most famous paper label manufacturers, Protex Smart Technologies Co.,Ltd is always at your service.
  • Barcode
    No matter what printer you have, we have the right ribbons for you. As the manufacturer of thermal transfer ribbons over 7 years.
  • ID consumables
    Covering a wide range of Original ID Card Printer Ribbons, Compatible ribbons and Blank plastic cards offers you a one-stop service with superior quality.
  • Lanyard
    Acting as one of the largest suppliers of lanyards in china that we are experienced to handle your order in a professional reliable manner.
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Tel: + 86 (0)755 8358 0322
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